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beautiful girl in spanish

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nation wide Obituaries

ANNABELLA Our caring wife, momma, nanna and sister, VerDawn Chamberlain picket, e 71, ture of Annabella, perished Oct. 6, 2012, all the way through Richfield, After months of complications from diabetes and ailment.

She was given birth to May 5, 1941, by using Kanab, The littlest of three children born to Heber LaMar and Margaret Talbot Chamberlain. She was raised in Orderville, Where she was a part of a rich heritage and a loving community with friendships [url=]spanish dating sites[/url] that have lasted a lifetime.

While going CSU in Cedar City, She met her loving hubby of 51 years, S. Douglas solid wood, such as Lyman. these were married for time and all eternity Sept. 2, 1961, rrnside the St. George LDS forehead. Doug's school and work took them to several locations, this sort of Logan, Monticello, Moab, cedar plank City and Annabella in 1976. Each new place brought new young ones much wanted and adored, ideas, Friendships and challenges met with choice and faith.

VerDawn loved the Gospel of Jesus Christ and served her father in heaven valiantly each and every day of her life. As a member of the LDS church, She served as stake and ward Relief Society us president, Primary lead designer, Young women's counselor and many other important callings while raising eight kids of her own and several placement students, and one young woman from Japan, During the school months. known for her beautiful penmanship, She assisted many bishops with the [url=]hot spanish girls[/url] writing of records and awards.

Every early morning Mom arose with love in her heart, Ready to address her children, a consistent example of love, concern, ethics and kindness. In her leisure time she spent long hours sewing beautiful dresses and clothing for her children and their stuffed animals or dolls, Usually late into the night. in the future quilts, bedding, Baby blankets and nightgowns were made with her loving hands for family and the humanitarian aid.

Once her children were at school, VerDawn returned to varsity and obtained her Elementary Education Teaching Degree. She taught at Monroe normal Special Education, Special Needs department for quit some time. recognized for her patience and kindness, She spent many hours teaching these children she loved. She never was too busy to help us with posters, School projects or conisderations keeps us busy and out of trouble. We never lacked her support based on each trial, She really liked us more. we are eternally grateful for her and her amazing presence in our lives.

She is lasted by her loving husband, S. Douglas fire wood, Annabella; Her a child, Shane defense. And Kara wooden, romance language Fork; Sheryl in addition Scott Coleman, Marysvale; Teresa and barry Farr, Mantua; John and barbara Wood, remarkable Junction, Colo, Jolynn or Matthew Bulkley, st. Bigman, Sanders, Ariz, 38 grandbabies; Two great grandkids; Sister and bro, Irene Lamb, Altonah; lee and Analee Chamberlain, e. George.

She is beat in death by her parents, LaMar and margaret Chamberlain; And two daughters, Christine sound and Trena raw wood.

The family only want to thank all of her caregivers that have assisted her and her family, especially those at Stonehenge. what's more, due to friends, Neighbors and folks. you cash in on this chapter in our lives a little easier to bear. say thanks.

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